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Nerd's Night Out


Lancaster Moose Lodge
44545 Division St 93535 Lancaster United States
We had fun last week with Smash, Rock Band, and more.

This week we will be doing something special for you. A Retro Fighting Gaming Tournament or two. :)

Here is what will be featured:
Soul Caliber 2 on PS2
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 via SNES
Killer Instinct via SNES
and more to be announced. :)

We will also be brining Rock Band back for free play along with others things yet to be announced.

Reminder: There will be yummy food served by Comfortable Kitchen and great drinks at the bar. Please make sure to purchase a drink from the bar and a snack from our kitchen to help support Nerd's Night Out and help fund future weeks of this event. The bar's sales are the sole determining factor whether or not we get to keep Nerd's Night Out. If there is not enough purchases from the bar then we do not get any money to upgrade or buy equipment for you and might even lose money running that week's event.

Remember, There will be players who attend that also play various trading card games and tabletop games such as: Dragonball Z/GT TCG, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, Official Weiss Schwarz USA, and more.

Lastly, We encourage everyone to bring your consoles and tvs as well as board and tabletop games to share with all of us. We will do our best to make you space and provide a tv or console upon request. (All patrons are responsible for their own equipment and must be willing to allow players to use approved third party controllers in conjuction with them.)

Nerd's Night Out is about getting together and celebrating what makes us special and awesome.

Thank you for your support. We love you guys!

***Drink Specials***
Cosplay/ Nerd Specials:
$4 Butter Beer shot
$4 Luigi Shot
$5 Hadouken Shot
$5.50 Wonder Woman Cocktail
$6 Space Jam Cocktail
$8 Sonic Screw Driver *NEW*

**Food by Comfortable Kitchen**
$1 Chicken Taco
$2 Carne Asada Taco
$5 Carne Asada Taco Plate
$4 Cheese Burger
$5 Cheese Burger and Fries
$5 Wings and Fries
$3 Quesadilla
$4 Quesadilla with meat
$2 Fries

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