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Your Family Centered Cesarean Birth


Your Birth
AV Birth Center 1505 West Ave J Suite 203 93534 Lancaster United States
$20 per couple

You’re having a baby!

When planning your birth, especially a cesarean, you have choices. Learn about the latest research and discuss the options when a scheduled delivery is in your future.

Your Birth Family Centered Cesarean Classes can help answer commonly asked questions such as:

- What is a family centered cesarean?
- Can I still have delayed cord clamping?
- How will my recovery time be effected?
- What about nursing after a cesarean?
- How can a postpartum doula help with recovery?
- Is placenta encapsulation right for me?
- When can I start using my Bengkung belly wrap?

This informative, hands-on class includes a video and role play to help empower you with the knowledge of what to expect and to prepare you for Your Birth